Est. 1998

What We Do

Woodsfield Group of Companies was established as a timber trading company that supplied timber to the Oil & Gas and Railway & Construction industries in Malaysia in 1998. Over the years, we have grown by leaps and bounds and further expanded our operation to provide finger-jointed timber (non-structural) and glulaminated timber for structural projects.

Traditionally Wood has been used for building houses in the old days. Being in the Timber Business for more than 20 years, Woodsfield realised the importance of sustaining the Wood material and business through Innovation.

Today, our Woodsfield group is a leading “Glulam” Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia. We are in alignment with our Government’s strong strategy to sustain our forest which is an important Resource in our country and the development in building climate-smart, low Carbon Emission and yet iconic timber building in Malaysia. Together, we can encourage and design many buildings using Engineered Timber in Malaysia and “Wow” the World with the beauty and strength of our Malaysia Tropical Wood.

Backed by extensive industry experience and know-how, we work closely with the customers to deliver high-quality timber. Additionally, we constantly form strategic partnerships with the local authorities to conduct research and development for continuous innovative applications. We pride ourselves on our role in contributing to the competitiveness of the country’s natural resources (tropical woods) and the promotion of Glulam tropical wood as a sustainable, versatile and stable construction material.


Sustainability Through Innovation


Using Timber as a Renewable material and to provide the best Products and Design with Wood