Est. 1998

Milano Expo


The GLULAM Story

  • 50,000 pcs Nuts, Bolts and Screws hold the steel joints securely
  • 200  metric ton of glulam were manufactures, packed and transported from Malaysia to Italy
  • 3,000  pcs of steel joints connect the glulam pieces together
  • 800  pcs of concrete plate joins act as the based structure
  • 120mm  x  650mm is the maximum thickness of a single glulam member
  • Every single steel joint is made to measure for specific segment of glulam
  • All pieces were carefully assembled and pieced together by skillful workers

Food Outlets and Restaurants

  • Grumpy Goat and Friends Restaurants.
  • Glulam Timber Restaurant for “Vivo Pizza”
  • The Commons outlets.
  • Glulam Timber Kiosk for Small FnB.